These cupcakes make me terribly depressed

Black metal cupcakes. Am I allowed to say that these sound really really tasty, or is that not a very metal thing to say? (From the same site: some evil, malevolent chocolate brownies. Plus a handy brownie-making tip!) Update: lots of people seem to be landing on this page from the abovementioned “black metal cupcakes” page. If that’s you, hello and welcome - head over to the front page and have a browse.

Better than a little cardboard pine tree

Via Boing Boing: how to bake chocolate chip cookies in your car.

Hainanese: Frickin’ Nice

(JRE apologises for the dismal pun in the title.) Singapore’s a cheap place to eat - if you know where to go. Find a hawker centre, or one of the hawker-ish food courts in the bigger malls (Wisma Atria on Orchard Road has a good one, and there’s an OK one in Raffles City). Track down the Hainanese chicken rice stand, and order a plate. (Don’t forget to grab some chilli sauce and soy sauce to go with it.

It also has eleven secret herbs and spices

Eleanor has posted the recipe for Tiny Robot’s favourite lemon pound cake. What are you waiting for?

Healthy Chips!

Continuing JRE’s long and storied tradition of recipeblogging, here’s a recipe for dead-easy (and healthy!) home-baked potato chips. (Zac came up with this one.) Ingredients (serves 4) Potatoes - 8 (decent-sized) Olive oil - 3 tsp Spicy rub ingredients Seasoned salt - 2 tsp Mixed dried herbs - 1 tsp Hot chilli powder or chilli flakes - 1 tsp Paprika - 1 tsp