Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now, originally uploaded by Shiny Things. If I wanted gigantic storms, I’d have stayed in Singapore! This was the scene at the corner of Flinders and Russell Streets, in the middle of the most ferocious storm to hit Melbourne in twenty years. Hail, lightning, and probably two inches of rain in ten minutes. (The road was under a foot of water by the time the rain calmed down.)


And here’s the Veyron.

Not something you see every day

Not something you see every day, originally uploaded by Shiny Things. Seen on Old Burlington Street: a Hummer H3 with a slightly… erm… unorthodox set of rims. Update: apparently this is supposed to be an “art”. Huh.


Nakamise-dori, originally uploaded by Shiny Things. I found this little gem hiding in my iPhoto library during the week. I shot it while I was on gardening leave, but never quite got around to uploading it to Flickr… so here it is, slightly delayed. This is Nakamise-dori, the (tourist-trap) shopping street that leads to Senso-Ji temple in Asakusa.

Everyone likes fireworks!

So, after boggling at the explosions on the fireworks barge, I’ve finally sorted and uploaded a few of the better photos from last weekend’s Singapore Fireworks Celebration. Now, your opinion, fearless readers. Which one do you prefer? The fireworks on the top photo are a bit more interesting (and if you liked that one, there’s a similar one here); but the Marina Bay skyline is better lit on the bottom one.