Another Top Gear Top Tip

Should you ever find yourself in darkest Berkeley, here’s a Top Tip from the SF Chronicle: “If you drive, don’t park where it says ‘NL Parking’. That’s for Nobel laureates only.” Top Tip corollary: you can avoid expensive parking fees in downtown Berkeley by pretending to be a Nobel laureate. Try posing as 2010 Economics laureates Peter Diamond or Dale Mortensen, because nobody knows what they look like; pretending to be Barack Obama is not such a good idea.

Science is fun

I did not know this: diamonds will burn.

The Warren Buffett button costs a bit more

The NYT unveils the latest and greatest in home automation technology: _“We gave somebody a Jimmy Buffett button: the lights would change,_ Margaritaville would come on and the blender would be turned on…” Or if Jimmy Buffett’s not your thing, you might prefer the Emergency Party Button.

Iqaluit (bless you)

The G7 finance ministers met over the weekend in Iqaluit (bless you), and if you’re wondering “where the hell is Iqaluit?” (bless you) you’re not alone; it’s a little town of 6,500 people on the southern end of Canada’s Baffin Island, up north of Hudson Bay. The average temperature in Iqaluit (bless you) in February ranges from a high of -23C to a low of -32C; the all-time record high for February is a balmy 4 degrees Celsius.

You’ll never need to leave the house again

Old and busted: home-delivered McDonalds. New hotness: home-delivered yum cha. The only problem: they want one day advance notice and a $70(!) minimum order. What am I supposed to do if I get sudden midnight cravings for shu mai and sticky rice?