JRE Sells Out: Snugg iPad Mini Retina Case

So the fine folks at TheSnugg.com emailed me and asked me if I’d like to review one of their iPad Mini cases. I said yes; they sent me a fetching one of these – the iPad mini Retina Leather Case – and I wore it around on my iPad for a week. 

If you’re the sort of person who wants to wear a case on your iPad, the Snugg cases are pretty great. They’re rock-solid, stitched nicely, made of decent leather and fabric both inside and out. They’re built rock-solid, and the elastic hand-strap makes it easier to hold the cased iPad up while you’re reading. 

It’s got all the usual bells and whistles an iPad case should have – the flat-on-the-desk or propped-up-for-TV configurations, magnetic sleep/wake when you close or open the case and cutouts for the speakers and microphones (including the new dual noise-cancelling microphones in the Retina mini – watch out if you’ve bought yourself a Retina mini and use a case that’s not designed for it). 

One thing I particularly like is their height when they’re in “desk mode”. The iPad Smart Cover (my usual cover of choice) leaves the iPad almost flat against the desk, and leaves you hunched over it while you’re typing;  the Snugg case lifts it up a little higher, making it easier to type on and a bit less of a strain to use. Heavy iPad typists will probably like this case a lot. 

If you’re a light typist, or you only use your iPad for reading, though, you’ll probably be wondering why you need a case at all – and not unjustifiably. Any case – even the slimline Apple cases – is going to make your svelte iPad significantly thicker and heavier, making it harder to hold up to read, heavier to tote around in your backpack, and generally a lot less practical than it was designed to be. 

So that’s the tradeoff you make with any case. But honestly, if you’re going to make that tradeoff – and if you’re a heavy iPad user, and your use skews toward writing instead of reading – you’re probably going to like the Snugg case. (Plus, at $25 – it’s on sale right now! – it’s cheaper than Apple’s cases and sturdier than the no-name off-brand cases you find littering the iAccessories market.)