The Dating Game: Singapore Edition

In yet another desperate attempt to prop up its declining birthrate - and unlike Mentos’ hilarious bow-chicka-bow-bow _National Night_ campaign, this is _not _a viral marketing stunt - Singapore has resorted to bribing its youth to go on dates with each other. Here’s the scoop: 

Family members and friends will now be able to gently encourage their loved ones, who are still single, to meet new people by buying them dating vouchers.

Available in $10 denominations, the vouchers can be bought online at, and used at events and services offered by accredited dating agencies across Singapore.

The “Love Gifts” are gift vouchers for dating agencies

[…]Dating agencies said that these gift vouchers should be given with good intention. ”Do it tactfully,” said Mr Kelvin Ong, director of dating agency Singles Mingle.

It’s sort of adorable that anyone would think this is “tactful”. Even compared to the old cliché of “why haven’t you found a nice girl and settled down yet?”, it’s hard to think of anything _less_ tactful than “here’s a ten dollar gift voucher for a dating agency!”.