Everything old is new again

One of my favourite passages in Josh Brown’s new book _Backstage Wall Street _talks about the “embarrassing” and “egregious” TV spots that online brokerages ran back in the bubblicious days of the late ‘90s:

_Of all the shockingly irresponsible commercials, however, one reigns absolutely supreme in terms of its sheer idiotic conception and execution. […] The spot I’m referring to involves kung fu superstar Jackie Chan fighting off a gaggle of evil henchmen while placing a trade with TD Waterhouse. Jackie battles these black-clad ninjas while researching a stock on a laptop in his living room. _

_Apparently he’s concluded his intensive due diligence on this particular stock investment because while running horizontally across the walls and sparring with these martial arts marauders, he feels no compunction about tossing the laptop over his head, throwing a punch to the face of an assailant, and then leaping into the air to kick the buy trade into the keyboard with his karate master toe. _

That was back in the late 90s, and these days no broker would ever make a stupid, gimmicky ad like that.

In totally unrelated news, Saxo Bank presents an “event that will change mobile trading forever”, the world’s first FX trade AT TERMINAL VELOCITY!