(Tell me why) I don't like Fridays

So if you were the PM of Samoa, which is moving this week from the US side of the international date line to the Australian side, wouldn’t you rather drop a Monday instead of a Friday? Anyway, Samoa is skipping Friday December 30th and moving straight from the 29th to the 31st, just in time to be the first place in the world to celebrate New Year 2012 (and, in the process, infuriating their Tongan neighbours who used to hold that position). And the banks are getting in on the feel-good vibe:

The Westpac Samoa bank had good news for its customers, too. “This is a very significant day in the history of Samoa and for some time now we’ve been planning and programming our systems to deal with the event,” said Michael Mjaskalo, its general manager, according to the Samoa Observer.

“Customers can be assured that Westpac will not charge interest on credit and loan facilities for the missing day. However, we will pay the appropriate interest on interest-bearing deposits for the missing day even though we are not obligated by law.”