…I'm joking about the whole "communard KGB handlers" thing, guys, c'mon.

“The economy,” says Charlie Brooker in his year-in-review column for Vegan Socialist Daily, “is just a series of satirically huge numbers scrolling across the screen while a voiceover recites the words ‘brink … precipice … abyss … void … ’ over and over again”.

As his open-source communard Wikileaky colleagues on the Grauniad’s crossword blog note, “you can’t spell GLOBAL ECONOMY without GLOOMY”, but this comes from the same people who think “Old number 35 London bus we drove home to Scunthorpe, so luggage is all over the place! (4,4,7,3,4,3,7,2,3,7,9)” is a legitimate cryptic crossword clue rather than, say, a coded message to their KGB handlers.

On a totally unrelated note: Scunthorpe has a clbuttic Problem.