It's like ten thousand spoons, lah, when all you need is a knife

I was having dinner tonight with a Berkeley-based friend, and he had one particular question about Singapore:

“Look, I saw this video on Youtube, the Fun Pack song.”
“The _Bad Romance _parody?”

Side note: a bellringer at UC Berkeley went rogue last year and played Bad Romance on the Campanile, which is pretty much the most awesome thing ever.

“Yeah. Was that a joke, or was it for real? And if it’s real, has the entire country had an irony bypass?”

Sadly, it’s not a joke.

The “Fun Pack Song” - a deliberately awful Lady Gaga parody - came thisclose to making it into Singapore’s 2011 National Day extravaganza, because apparently_ _nobody on the NDP organising committee is capable of detecting irony.

A copyright claim by Sony stopped it dead, and Singapore should be thankful, because the nation would have been a laughingstock if the Fun Pack Song had ever seen the light of day.

Oh, wait.

Thanks to Youtube, the rest of the world - from horrified Singaporean expats to cynical Aussie bloggers to disbelieving Americans - can marvel at what might have been if the music industry hadn’t interfered and Singapore had let its freak flag fly.

(Update: this, incidentally, is how you do a Lady Gaga parody. Pro tip, Singapore: leave it to the experts.)