De-fund Orrin Hatch

One quote stood out for me from this piece about people who (bless their hearts) send voluntary donations to the US government to help pay off the national debt:

[Senator Orrin] Hatch (R-UT) said he wasn’t surprised that more people don’t make contributions.

_ _

“Most American taxpayers understand that any debt the government has is owing to reckless government spending, and taxpayers have no desire to enable that bad habit,” he said. “They would prefer to send their charitable contributions to their schools and churches, which will put the money to better use.”

So either he’s exaggerating for effect, or he genuinely thinks that governments shouldn’t borrow money. (You could generously read this as saying governments shouldn’t have net debt, but that’s pretty silly as well.)

In Australia, people with loopy views like that are consigned to roles like “Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water”; in America, they’re allowed to run the Senate Finance Committee. Is there something in the water in Washington?