The sequel to "When Harry Met Sally": "When Bruce Met Sheila"

It’s probably not nice to pick on my hometown paper two days in a row, but this one was just too good to pass up.

Who says romance is dead? The Border Mail certainly doesn’t, in a probing report from that hotbed of chivalry (although the burning sensation afterward isn’t from the chivalry), the Deni[liquin] Ute Muster.

After interviewing a drunk, single, 44-year-old guy (“there’s plenty of talent here… I’ve got one interested, we’re texting”), the poor journo moves on to more interesting interviewees:

_ _

Sisters Cassie and Steph Parkin, from the Mornington Peninsula, were out to lasso a handsome bloke for the night.

_ _[…] “If a guy has a ute definitely I’m keen, 110 per cent, it doesn’t matter what they look like,” she said.

_ _

Classy ladies.

And ladies, please form an orderly queue for this bloke:

_ _

Steve Pilkington, 19, may have been just the man the sisters were looking for.

_ _

_He didn’t have any luck with the ladies last year, but was hoping this might change after his Holden VR won The Australian National Circle Work Champio_nships at the muster’s sports arena.

_[…] _He said he used his vehicle to go kangaroo shooting near his home town of Saddleworth in South Australia. But mostly the spotlights, mud flaps and stone guards were intended to impress the girls.

In the end, the reporter - choosing not to involve himself in the story - didn’t introduce Steve to Cassie and Steph:

Unfortunately Mr Pilkington didn’t manage to turn around his fortunes in 2011 with Deni’s female population,

“I was probably the first circle work winner not to do it,” said Mr Pilkington with a laugh.