Save the planet: buy a V8

The winner of Britain’s 2011 MPG Marathon, a competition judging which cars can be driven the most economically is… _not _a Toyota Prius, not a Smart ForTwo, and not a VW Golf diesel. The most economical car, with a 50% improvement over its listed figure of 21mpg, was the all-Australian, 6.2-litre-V8, 430hp Vauxhall VXR8. Quoth the VXR8’s driver, Top Gear Online editor Chris Mooney:

“It just goes to show that the person behind the wheel can make a massive difference to fuel costs and carbon emissions. And, of course, that a 6.2 litre V8 is a very sensible choice of engine in the right hands.”

This is not the first time a huge V8-powered GM has won a fuel-economy competition.

And American readers don’t have to feel left out: the fuel-efficient LS3-series engine in the VXR8 is the same engine that powers the current generation of Chevy Corvettes. So buying a Corvette is _good for the planet. _Hooray!

**Update: **Buying a gigantic V8 won’t just save the planet; it’ll save you $8,000 a year as well!