Got change for a million-dollar coin, mate?

The good folks at the Perth Mint (don’t miss it if you’re ever in Perth) have just unveiled the world’s biggest gold coin - one tonne of solid 24-carat gold, valued at about $50 million USD.

There’s been a bit of an arms race in the last few years between the world’s big bullion mints to produce infeasibly large gold coins. The former record-holder was the Royal Canadian Mint’s 100kg Maple, struck in 2008; the Maple still has the distinction of being the largest “five nines purity” coin (99.999% gold). The one-tonne Kangaroo is only 99.99% pure, but it’s still TEN TIMES BIGGER, nyah nyah.

And the best bit: it’s legal tender! That “1 million” on the reverse isn’t just for show; you could take this into your local corner store, buy a carton of milk and a loaf of bread, and come out with $999,995 change.

It’s even got its own website - - with some great photos and video of the designing and minting process. (Before you get any ideas, the Mint’s already registered and all the other permutations.)

And if you wanted to buy something with your million-dollar coin, you could spend $400k on this charming 4br/3ba house just outside Minneapolis. It comes with all the conveniences: a full basement, granite countertops, a huge backyard, and a Lamborghini Diablo.