And that's what you missed on Glee

Last week on Glee: Mike Chang gets an A-minus and his father flips his lid. This week in real life:

The couple’s son is enrolled in an elite secondary school and has always done well enough to be among the top ten in his class.

But she got worried after her son’s grades began to show a slight dip. Believing her son could be depressed, she brought him to see psychiatrist Dr Hong from the Adam Road Medical Centre.

Truth, however, is always stranger than fiction:

According to Dr Hong, the woman also felt that her husband is a “negative influence” on their son, and wanted to divorce her husband. The woman was very unhappy that her husband often brought their son for outings and she believed that this was affecting her son’s studies.

She even requested that Dr Hong write a letter stating that her husband was a “negative influence” on her son, so that she could divorce him.

Dr Hong refused.

And then a band appeared out of nowhere and they all broke into a totally impromptu, perfectly choreographed rendition of Twisted Sister’s _I Wanna Rock._