It’s “Creative Commons”, guys, not “Public Domain”. A little credit, please?

I was a little surprised – and sort of flattered – to find that a loopy goldbug website has borrowed my Flickr photo of the Nymex building without attribution.

All of the photos on my Flickr stream are licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution licence. You can share them, use them in blog posts (does anyone blog any more, or are blogs old-people things now like Usenet and Myspace?), remix them, distribute them, print them out and hang them on your wall, even use them in commercial work – in fact, here’s my Flickr photostream. Go nuts.

All the licence requires in return is credit (and a link back to, unless you really did print them out and hang them on your wall, in which case a link isn’t exactly all that practical although it would be hilarious).

NumisMaster, though, has not done that when they used my photo in an article where they say, among other things:

Thus, it would be possible and legal for the U.S. government to surreptitiously manipulate the gold market. The reason I consider this to be a plausible reason that gold and silver prices were suppressed is that the major beneficiaries of lower prices would be the U.S. government, its trading partners and allies.

…even though those trading partners and allies and the US government itself are net long gold, and most of them would be quite happy to see their currencies depreciate, so I’m sure they wouldn’t be angry if gold kept ticking higher.

So, NumisMaster, credit where credit’s due?

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