First up against the wall, etc etc etc

Not news: thirteen people were arrested in Vancouver earlier this month - and thirteen cars impounded - for illegal street racing.

News: three Gallardos, three Nissan GTRs, two Maserati GTs, an Audi R8, a DB9, a 599, an SL63 AMG, and an SLS AMG gullwing. (There is video, oh yes there is.)

WTF: the drivers were 16- and 17-year-old kids_ _from the $50k-a-year St. George’s School. (”Not everyone was breaking the law!” wailed one co-driver to CBC, earning exactly no sympathy from anybody.)

The police are “going to be looking at seizing the vehicles for good”, last I heard - does anyone happen to know whether these clowns still have their cars?