But now we have to call it MotoGoogle

Will Moss, the head of PR for Motorola Mobility in China, has a very funny life-as-an-expat blog (which I may have linked once or twice before); his post today is about the difficulties involved in getting your money out of China.

The nut graf:

Many foreigners I know have no idea how to exchange large amounts of currency and no two expats I polled gave me the same verdict on the current state of requirements for buying large amounts foreign currency with legitimate income. Indeed, some foreigners I know have given up altogether and are simply waiting for China to open its capital account or have taken to flying cash out of the country (risky) and using money changers on the far end. Did you know that a money changer in Singapore will exchange 200,000 RMB for you if you give him a day’s notice? Now you do.

…or, Why China Needs To Liberalise Its Capital Account, part eleventy billion and three.