WWJD: What Would Jesus De-Fund?

The Grauniad (“America’s greatest paper that is actually a socialist paper from somewhere in England”, thanks Wonkette) is plowing through last night’s enormous dump of emails from Sarah Palin’s time as governor of Alaska, and they’ve come up with some gems.

The Alaskan government did a good job of redacting the emails before they were released, though - so the most interesting story is probably this one:

Sarah Palin sought advice from an unusual source when she was deliberating over how to frame the Alaskan state budget in 2008 – she called on God for guidance, according to emails released under freedom of information.

In an email written in March 2008 she said that she had been praying for direction over the financial negotiations. “I have been praying for wisdom on this … God will have to show me what to do on the people’s budget because I don’t yet know the right path … He will show me though.”

The unanswered question: what did He say? Is He in favour of a redistributive tax system and transfer payments, or lowering taxes and trusting the Laffer curve? What’s His position on public-private infrastructure partnerships, or the Bridge to Nowhere? Would He have put the government jet on eBay or JamesList? SO MANY QUESTIONS!