From the JRE Entertainment desk

In sad news from Los Angeles: Leonard Stern - the inventor of Mad Libs (and the co-producer of _Get Smart_) - has passed away. Fill in the blanks in the Hollywood Reporter’s obituary piece:

_Leonard B. Stern, the prolific ________ whose credits included ________ and the ________ game “Mad Libs,” died Tuesday of ________ failure at ________ in Los Angeles. He was ________.

_[…]Asked how [Mad Libs] was developed, Stern said, “I was writing for ‘_________ _ Honeymooners’ and Roger was at the ________. I was doing a ________ on a script and I said, ‘I need a ________‘. And Roger said, ‘Naked!’ … _

_“Out of this came ________ where somebody asked you for a ________or ________ and _______.”