A "licence-removal facility in the nation's south"

…all credit to leadfooted (Sydney) _Daily Terrorgraph _journo Tim Blair for the post title.

Under the state of Victoria’s “anti-hoon” laws, the cops can impound your car for speedingdoughiesepic burnouts, or basically anything even remotely fun (as Lewis Hamilton learned to his cost last year when he smoked the tyres of his loaner Mercedes C63 AMG right in front of a marked police car; eleventy zillion TV cameras recorded the police hauling the car away). Sometimes, though, you have to wonder whether the laws should be even stricter:

A drunk driver who was arrested for doing burn-outs in Melbourne’s north yesterday morning was released from custody only to hop back in his vehicle and do a burn-out in the police station car park, police say.

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Officers were astounded at the actions of the 21-year-old driver, who was re-arrested and had his car impounded under hoon legislation.