With notably rare exceptions, JRE is funny and insightful

With notably rare exceptions, Alan Greenspan is never wrong.

With notably rare exceptions, Aussie house prices never go down.

With notably rare exceptions, criminals from my hometown of Albury are smart and savvy and not at all desperate:

[An Albury man’s] liking for sweets and milk drinks led to him break into a Lavington service station three times in little more than a month. Each time, Crowther used either a stick or metal pole to break a window in the front door of the Caltex service station in Wagga Road and he left with iced coffees or a sweets cache.

He took a pillow case on his fourth trip to the service station and filled it with 43 packets of lollies valued at more than $160. […] But a security officer was nearby and managed to apprehend Crowther with police arriving soon after to arrest him.

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