The algos are buying Magnum Mining on the back of this

In news from Jakarta, or possibly from a parallel universe where everything is weird:

_[Even] the most avid trendspotters have been surprised by the craze for Magnum ice cream that has swept the city since the February opening in central Jakarta of the Magnum Cafe, months after the brand was relaunched in Indonesia by parent company and consumer goods giant Unilever. The success of the cafe, which features the iconic chocolate-coated ice cream on a stick, is a tribute to the rising power of the middle-class, empowered by robust demand and growing investment in the far-flung archipelago. _

_ _

The queues snake longer each day as ice cream lovers come in droves, waiting for several hours at peak times.

This is not a joke, apparently: they’re waiting several hours in a queue for one of these. Somewhere, an Indonesian Unilever exec is rolling around on a gigantic pile of ten-thousand-rupiah notes.

Side note: a Magnum in Jakarta only costs 12,000 IDR, according to the article, or about $1.40 USD - which is a hell of a lot less than they cost in Australia or Singapore. I reckon there could be a Big Mac Index-style research piece in this.