A shot of your finest turpentine, barkeep

China’s rampant inflation is even driving up the price of moutai, the local grain-based moonshine (emphasis added):

Spirits are running high before this week’s Chinese New Year holiday as prices of a popular grain liquor soar.

Moutai, the fiery official liquor for state banquets since the Communist revolution, has been variously described by foreign dignitaries as “liquid razor blades” and “smelling like a barnyard and tasting like turpentine”. It was famously inflicted on Richard Nixon during his historic visit to China in 1972 and on Margaret Thatcher in 1984, after she agreed to return Hong Kong to China.

This might explain the huge demand for Bordeaux in China - if the local booze is this bad, it’s no wonder they’d rather drink the imported stuff.

[…] With annual food inflation hitting 7.2 per cent last year and with stocks running dry, the state-controlled company that makes China’s most famous moutai brand raised wholesale prices 20 per cent this month - its first increase in a year.

I’m thinking I should launch my own brand of moutai to take advantage of these price hikes. I’ve even got a slogan for it…

It’s All Good Breweries LLC presents genuine Chinese hand-distilled moutai.

Premium. Unleaded.