Sold to YOU, suckah

Meet 5240 Sunny Beach Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89118. It’s a 1600 square foot, 2br/2ba house in the backblocks of Las Vegas with “vaulted ceilings, fireplace in greatroom, loft, plantation shutters and ceiling fans!”

In 2001, it sold for $135,000; the lucky buyers launched it in 2005 for $260,000, nearly doubling their money in just four years. And it’s now back on the market – for just ninety-nine thousand dollars.

It’s dropped sixty percent in six years – and it’s even 25% lower than the 2001 price(!). Or look at it this way – you could have a 2.0-litre Toyota Camry in Singapore, or you could have a 2.0-bedroom house in Las Vegas.

But 5240 Sunny Beach Lane has a lot of competition. Google has just added foreclosure listing to Google Maps; each and every little red dot on this Google map is a foreclosed house in Las Vegas.

And it’s no better elsewhere. Here’s Phoenix and Tucson. Florida has measles. California’s Central Valley is a mess. (There’s even a few in the posh enclaves of Sausalito and Tiburon.) Hawaii’s got a few scattered red dots as well.

Why would you be long housing in that market right now?

In related news: “US homes are set to lose $1.7 trillion in value during 2010“, sez Zillow. (They also estimate that, since the peak in house prices, homes across the USA have lost nine trillion dollars in value. Ow.)

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