"Catastrophic self-disassembly", they call it

Incredible Exploding A380 Engine of Doom roundup: Firstly, from someone on the plane, how to ruin your holiday in two tweets.

You’ve gotta give credit to the crew, says this bloke:

Paul Smith, of the Gold Coast, who is in the cruise line business, said he was hugely impressed by the response of the crew, which meant there was no mass panic, no wailing or passengers falling to their knees in prayer. “There was one person screaming. It was a three-month-old baby down the back.”

And just in case you’re wondering: a majority of the A380s in service today use the explodey Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine (it’s the engine of choice for Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and Qantas). Emirates and Air France, on the other hand, have fitted their A380s with engines from a GE/Pratt & Whitney joint venture, none of which have undergone “catastrophic self-disassembly”.

So far.

That we know of.

Update: Seriously, Qantas… two in two days?