The Adventures of Sparklehelmet and Australia’s Own Mark Webber ™

Selected tweets from this year’s Singapore F1 Grand Prix (or the “Singapore Night Race 2010” if you’re Channel Five and too tight-fisted to pay up for the naming rights)…

  • Vettel’s #sparklehelmet is even sparklier than it looks on the in-car camera. Does he know it’s not a drag race? #f1
  • Bit of biffo there for The Incredible Hulkenberg, of course Five’s on an ad break dammit #mediacorpsucks #f1
  • Where can I get that t-shirt? / RT @mikestuchbery I HAVE A ‘YOU COME AT THE KING, YOU BEST NOT MISS’ T-SHIRT, FERCHRISSAKES. [Ed note: right here.]
  • The only thing that’ll save Australia’s Own Mark Webber ™ now is another safety car. Where’s Nelson Piquet Jr. when you need him? #f1
  • Why does the Singaporean army need to advertise when SG has mandatory national service? #notf1
  • Sparklehelmet nearly stalls coming out of the pit area, too distracted by his own reflection in the rear view #f1
  • Schuey pits and drops fifty squillion places, emerges somewhere in Malaysia #f1
  • And a BIG shove there for Schuey, the road rules are different over there in Malaysia clearly #f1
  • Kobayashi overcooks it at turn 18 where the track dives under the Marina grandstand, think that’s the place to sit next year #f1
  • Not great news for AOMW(tm), Lewis now right up his clacker on much fresher tyres #f1
  • Australia’s Own Mark Webber(tm) in P3 now, if he can hold off Lewis for 53 mins #f1
  • “Front wing looks fine, STAY OUT”, sez Redbull mechanics. AUSTRALIA GOES WILD #f1
  • Tail end of the field is DiGrassi Junior High, two laps back. Don’t really care, just wanted to make that joke #f1
  • Oh dear Kovalainen’s on fire – that’s not supposed to happen… #f1
  • Alonso 1st, Sparklehelmet 2nd, Australia’s Own Mark Webber ™ 3rd and extends his lead in the drivers’ c/ship #MarkWebberForPM
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