"Late Night with Elmo The Furry Red Monster"

Presenting Hop This Way, in which hip-hop impresario Rev Run (of Run-D.M.C., the “Greatest Hip Hop Group Of All Time”) teams up with furry red monster Elmo… to sing about hopping.

Further from the Sesame Street YouTube Channel: Arrested Development’s Jason Bateman. Colin Farrell. Black-Eyed Peas front-man Will.i.am. Mispunctuated boy-band N*Sync. Neil Patrick Harris. Jenny McCarthy. Sheryl Crow. Discovery Channel’s Mike Rowe (no Adam and Jamie?). LL Cool J. David Beckham. Ricky Gervais. Neil Patrick Harris again. Kobe Bryant. Former UN Sec-Gen Kofi Annan. Sportscaster Tiki Barber. Cameron Diaz. Sarah Jessica Parker.

Celebrities. Musical numbers. Sketch comedy. When did Sesame Street turn into the mid-morning version of _The Late Show_?

And how long before Elmo takes over from Jimmy Fallon?