Weekend linkdump

In my defence, it’s still the weekend in Honolulu.

Ed note: your humble correspondent is on holidays right now. Expect more photos and less meaningful commentary.

Well, the Australian election this weekend was an absolute clusterfuck (if you’ll pardon my French). We have no Prime Minister. The government will basically be run by the three independents, all of whom quit the (conservative) National Party because it wasn’t conservative enough. (Which, incidentally, means they’ll probably caucus with the Liberal/National coalition and give the Prime Ministership to Tony Abbott. Freshman Green rep Adam Bandt in Melbourne will definitely caucus with Labor, but that’ll only give Labor 74 seats - two short of a majority.)

A minty- fresh Morgan poll suggests that if the election had to be re-run, the Greens and Independents would each lose a couple of points, and the votes would flow back to the Labor and Liberal parties. Rob Oakeshott - one of the kingmakers - is proposing exactly that, but he holds his seat by a vast margin, so I doubt he’s worried about a couple of percentage points’ swing.

If minority government turns out to be as dysfunctional as it usually is, and we have to go to a double-dissolution election sometime before the three-year electoral cycle, expect voters to flee the minor parties like a bad smell.

In other news…

From the people who brought you How To Cook A F*cking Steak (warning, sweary) comes How To Make A Pizza, Fundamentalist Macaroni and Cheese, and How to Barbecue a Turkey The Super Easy Way (step 1: shoot the turkey)

For kids starting college this year (meaning they were born in 1992), Czechoslovakia has never existed and John McEnroe has never played professional tennis. I feel old.

The best words to use in Hangman. “Jazz”. “Faff”. “Hajj”. “Vex”. “Fuzzy”. “Quizzing”. “Bubbliest”. “Zigzagging”. “Grogginess”.

And JRE keeps you entertained all weekend with one of the greatest moments of the Aussie election campaign.