Weekend linkdump

One week ‘til I jump on the plane to New York City - and one week until JRE once again turns into a USA photoblog.

To mark Singapore’s 45th birthday, here’s an interview from 2006 with David Marshall, Singapore’s first Chief Minister. Why, no, he didn’t draw a three million dollar salary after he stepped down.

ABBA backwards (eM nO ecnahC A ekaT is weirdly awesome). No Satanic messages, though, which is frankly a bit of a disappointment.

The governor of Wyoming has threatened to sell off parts of Grand Teton National Park to fund the state’s education budget. I reckon some enterprising investor should buy it and turn it into a REIT.

How about the GrAnd Teton - Trees And Conservation Alliance REIT? GATTACA-REIT is now taking subscriptions, minimum investment $1 million, institutional investors only, please form an orderly queue.

The Confined Nomad is trying to eat his way through the cuisine of every country in the UN, in alphabetical order - without leaving New York’s city limits. He’s up to China and going strong. (He had trouble with Chad, though - anyone know a good Chadian restaurant somewhere in the five boroughs?)

And JRE keeps you entertained all weekend with Jane Austen’s Fight Club.