Aussie Election Watch: Everything Is Stuffed

Leaks? What leaks? The Rudd Formerly Known As Prime Minister went on Boring Radio last night with Boring Philip Adams (who doesn’t know who the All Blacks are) and bored all three listeners to death with his boring refusal to say anything at all. “Did you have a plan B after you were dumped?” “Can’t say.” “Would you have won if you hadn’t been knifed?” “Can’t say.” “Would you like to be Foreign Minister?” “Can’t say.” “Where do you think the leaks came from?” “Can’t say.” “Is it true that you were caught naked in bed with two Latvian hookers and a goat?” “Can’t say.”

A survey has found that investors are equally unimpressed with both sides of politics, saying neither side “offers a convincing agenda for economic and business reform”. They needed a survey to tell them that?

As a followup to yesterday’s reports that we could end up with a hung parliament (the polls are running 50-50), the Spencer Street Soviet has a profile piece on the three independent MPs who would break the deadlock and choose the prime minister in a hung parliament. And here are those three powerful men. We’re all stuffed.

And by now, everyone’s thoroughly sick of the campaign itself, so here’s an amusing inside look at life on the campaign trail from the ABC’s chief political writer Annabel Crabb.