Weekend linkdump

Because I forgot where the “post” button is this week, here’s the weekend linkdump…

Now that he’s had a mechanical heart pump installed, Dick Cheney doesn’t have a pulse. (Or a reflection!)

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano (the world’s longest continuously erupting volcano - it’s been spewing lava for 10,000 days now) has been unusually active lately, and the lava’s been eating up the residential areas around the volcano, OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

Really, though, if you buy a house that’s downhill from an active volcano, you probably deserve everything that happens.


Oh, that’s rich: The head of Dagong Global Credit (previously trolling on JRE) has accused the American ratings agencies of being “politicised and highly ideological”… and then went on to rant about America’s “huge military expenditure” and the “hegemonic” ratings agencies. How’s that glass house working out for you, Dugong?

The Onion, meanwhile, proves that satire is best when it’s uncomfortably close to reality (warning: sweary).

UK confectioner Hotel Chocolat recently launched the world’s first “chocolate bond”, a 3yr 7.3% bond that pays coupons in boxes of chocolate.

So if you’re short the bond over the pay date, do you have to run down to the supermarket and buy a few blocks of Cadbury to make the payment?

And JRE Keeps You Entertained All Weekend with some classic Aussie comedy: Good Morning Moscow!