Weekend linkdump

Your weekend DIY project: backyard Scrabble.

From the “WTF, China?!” desk: you can now buy Pabst Blue Ribbon (the crappy, watery American hipster beer) in China. Except it’s cask-aged “Pabst Blue Ribbon 1884”. And it’s fifty bucks a bottle.

Australia’s second 24-hour news channel goes live on July 22nd; public broadcaster ABC will launch ABC News 24 into head-to-head competition with News’s Sky News Australia. And just in time for the federal election, too.

Now, who do we have to pester to get it carried on Starhub?

It’s moments like this you need a “schadenfreude” tag: “The 30 Most Expensive Car Crashes of 2009”. The winner was a self-immolating McLaren F1 ($2 million); second place went to the Texan who drove his $1.6 million Bugatti Veyron into a lake.

And the story behind #27 (wherein a 1995 Ferrari 348 [$117k] t-bones a 1991 Ferrari Testarossa [$181k]) will make you laugh, cry, and hurl:

A high school baseball coach in Oklahoma City loaned both his Ferraris to a quartet of his players — who managed to wreck the hell out of them in a mall parking lot.

The players, all juniors, had been given the cars completely unsupervised by the coach, who apparently has a terminally dangerous case of bad decision making. The former neurosurgeon gave the kids his 1991 Ferrari Testarossa and 1995 Ferrari 348, which inevitably ended in the 348 T-boning the Testarossa.

When the coach showed up at the scene of the carnage, his response was to light up a cigarette, and coolly state: “It’s gonna take a lot of homeruns to cover this one up”.

And, the return of JRE Keeps You Entertained All Weekend: Murray Walker lends his distinctive voice to snooker.