Tune your vuvuzelas to B-flat major

Despite the despair of yesterday’s post, there is brighter news from Australia - a light to lead us out of the gloom and into a brand new day of sporting glory. Meet the Emus, Australia’s brand-new national dodgeball team (and how great is that team photo?):

After learning that Australia had no national dodgeball association, [Burt] Sigsworth and his mates registered one. Then they selected themselves to play for Australia at the world dodgeball titles next month in Las Vegas. “We found,” says Sigsworth, “the greatest loophole in Australian sport.”

Doesn’t it bring a tear of pride to your eye? Please be upstanding; turn your computer speakers up to 11, and tune your vuvuzelas to B-flat major

No, wait, that’s the wrong national anthem. Here we go. (Incidentally, it’s really hard to find a Youtube version of Advance Australia Fair that’s both “good” and “not Adam Hills singing it to the tune of Working Class Man.)