The world (including JRE, although I can’t for the life of me find the post) made fun of Beijing back in 2008 for introducing a government-approved Beijing Olympics cheer (with mandatory actions!). “Olympics, let’s go! China, let’s go!” isn’t exactly “Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi!” or “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (Liverpool haters can substitute “Feed The Scousers”), but it’s got its own special politburo-approved charm - and it gave the BBC something to fill their “odd news” slot in the leadup to the Propagandalympics. The pull quote:

Li Ning, president of the Beijing Etiquette Institute, told the Beijing News that the cheer was in line with general international principles for cheering[…]

So I’m… amused? dismayed? totally unsurprised?… to find that Singapore - which is hosting the Youth Olympic Games this year, in case you’ve managed to ignore Pravda’s saturation coverage - has been taking lessons from BOCOG.

Get ready for You Are The One Singapore, from the mandatory-happiness operatives at the Singapore Sports Council:

(There was even a totally spontaneous flash mob at the cheer’s launch! Oh, man, these guys are HIP and COOL and EDGY!)

That was terrible, and wasn’t at all in line with general international principles for cheering, so here’s some Def Leppard to cleanse your palate: