Would sir like a moment alone with his iPad?

Stephen Fry likes the iPad a little too much :

After he leaves, I am finally left alone with an iPad. Finally I get some finger time. I peep under the slip holder, and there it is. When I switch it on, a little sigh escapes me as the screen lights up. Ten minutes later I am rolling on the floor, snarling and biting, trying to wrestle it from the hands of an Apple press representative.

Tragically, the Apple staff had already used up all their tranquiliser darts on Walt Mossberg.

There were casualties.

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One Response to Would sir like a moment alone with his iPad?

  1. Si says:

    I did enjoy Fry’s unboxing video. No commentary just lustful panting.
    Oh, and pissed myself seeing he bought a keyboard. What on earth does he need that for?
    For the record, if the iPad ran proper Mac OS X with a GUI optimized for fat fingers, I’d be all over it. With the iPhone OS locking down what one can install on it I don’t think it deserves all the hype.

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