Tremble in your boots, Raj Rajaratnam

Update: more purple-spandex-clad financial crimefighting action, as the Phantom comic strip struggles to remain relevant (if it ever was). How long before we see Garfield pontificating about hot money flows into China, or Hagar the Horrible swinging his sword at the throats of Greek government bond traders?

_Pearls Before Swine,_ on the other hand, already delivers broadsheet-worthy analysis on topics as diverse as healthcare reform, FCC v Pacifica, international relations, declining newspaper circulations, and personal finance .

Side note: the Phantom first battled evil-doers on the funny pages [seventy-four years ago]( Is he about to hang up his boots and move to Florida? Or is he condemned to work until he drops, after watching his retirement savings vanish at the hands of Bernie Madoff?