Shouldn't that be "will be going to have been"?

Reddit’s “I Am A…” section has previously featured a software engineer at YouTube, a guy who helped make the 2010 Olympic medals, an Amex Centurion cardholder, a buy-side equity trader in Dubai, a music video director, a millionaire, an ex-millionaire, a “has-been” rock star, Raiden from Mortal Kombat, a spammer, a pro-wrestling referee, a director-general of the WTO, a best-selling novelist, and Santa.

But the funniest by far is this post from an LHC scientist posting from ten years in the future (slightly NSFW). He writes:

There is going to be an accident at the LHC facility, and I will-be-was caught in the effect. I am now being trapped in a temporal hysteresis loop and I hope to escape some time in the past. In the meantime I will answer your questions.

Not only are you about to AMA [Ask Me Anything] but I will, in fact, be answering your questions before you ask them. Since it will appear that I am answering your questions before you have asked them, please wait until you see the answer that you were hoping for before submitting your question.

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