He shorts C shares by the sea shore

Evil short-seller Jim Chanos took time out from destroying the livelihood of good honest American folks to talk to Bloomberg Television’s Charlie Rose last night. And Chanos says “China is stuffed”:

CHARLIE ROSE: But you don’t think [the Chinese government] will take the necessary measures not because they don’t recognize the problem, but because they have these other issues, which is expected annual rate of growth?

JAMES CHANOS: They can’t afford to. As I said, they’re on a treadmill to hell. They can’t afford to get off this heroin of property development. It is the only thing keeping the economic growth numbers going.

CHARLIE ROSE: And that’s the question, isn’t it?

JAMES CHANOS: How do you go cold turkey? I don’t know.

And then he kicked a puppy and took candy from a baby, because he’s an evil short-seller who is evil and sells shorts. And why does he bother selling shorts, anyway? He’s supposed to be a big-shot hedge fund manager who destroys companies FOR FUN, why does he need to waste time selling pairs of shorts…

…wait, what?…

…never mind.