"For Dummies": for dummies

Presenting selected highlights from the 2010 “For Dummies” catalogue. All of these books really exist:

Accounting for Dummies: Don’t call a one-week repo a sale just to pad your leverage ratios.

Anger Management for Dummies: Is it really a good idea to call someone a “dummy” if they have anger management issues?

Anxiety and Depression Workbook for Dummies: And do anxious and depressed people really want to be called dummies?

Cosmetic Surgery for Dummies: This is right up there next to Hedge Funds For Dummies on the list of Books You Don’t Want To See On Your Professional’s Shelf.

Currency Trading for Dummies: Buy low, sell high. That’s your entire book right there.

Day Trading for Dummies: Yes. Yes, it is.

Drums for Dummies: Hey, you know how the joke goes: “How can you tell when the stage is level? - The drummer is drooling from both sides of his mouth”.

Hedge Funds for Dummies: If you see this on your PM’s shelf, you’re probably not getting good value from your two-and-twenty.

Running a Bed and Breakfast for Dummies: But why would you want to run a B&B for dummies? They’d sit there staring at the TV for hours wondering how to turn it on.

Sex for Dummies: Apparently there really are people who have problems with “insert tab A into slot B”.

Sudoku for Dummies volume 1, Sudoku for Dummies volume 2, Sudoku for Dummies volume 3: I guess this means that there are a lot of dummies out there who like sudoku? Or is it just that people who like sudoku are dummies?

The 60’s for Dummies: But I thought the 60s were for stoners.

Trivia Nights for Dummies: If you need this book, you’re probably not in with much of a chance.

And my favourite: Quantum Physics for Dummies. There is no way this book exists. It’s gotta be an elaborate joke. Maybe it’s three hundred pages deriving the fundamental equations of string theory? Maybe it’s just one page saying “No it isn’t”? I’m suddenly intrigued.

Update: an eagle-eyed reader has proved Quantum Physics for Dummies really exists.