You just can't get enough

80s electronica superstars Depeche Mode have teamed up with resurgent Swiss watchmaker Hublot (in other news, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau sue for copyright infringement) to produce twelve unique watches, all of which are currently up for auction, with proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Each watch depicts one album cover from Depeche Mode’s back catalogue; I’m betting that the [Speak & Spell]( watch will be the most popular, because Speak & Spell was the album that contained Just Can’t Get Enough, and that’s the only Depeche Mode song that anyone has heard of.

Here’s the Speak & Spell watch, and here’s all twelve of them together. (The Music for the Masses watch actually looks kinda cool.) If you’ve got $20,000 or so to spare, you can bid on the watches right here.

If the Hublot/Depeche Mode collaboration turns out to be a success (and with a minimum bid of CHF 18,000 per watch, how could it not be?), we can look forward to even more collaborations between watchmakers and musicians.

Hublot could market their All Black watches to Marilyn Manson fans. And Rolex could market itself to rich wankers by teaming up with a classical orchestra. Oh, wait…