Iqaluit (bless you)

The G7 finance ministers met over the weekend in Iqaluit (bless you), and if you’re wondering “where the hell is Iqaluit?” (bless you) you’re not alone; it’s a little town of 6,500 people on the southern end of Canada’s Baffin Island, up north of Hudson Bay.

The average temperature in Iqaluit (bless you) in February ranges from a high of -23C to a low of -32C; the all-time record high for February is a balmy 4 degrees Celsius. I have to ask: what the hell were they doing up there? Was someone expecting a ski junket or something?

The meeting basically amounted to Eurozone finmins explaining that no, they’re not all going into a gigantic default spiral, and that it’s all going to be okay really truly they just need a couple billion euros to tide them over to payday. More interesting than anything that came out of the summit: residents of Iqaluit (…oh, forget it) are known as Iqalummiut, which sounds like the aftermath of a night eating the local Inuit delicacies of walrus meat and seal blood.