The Albury Vegetarians Association denies involvement

An alert reader tipped me off to this strange pair of articles in my hometown paper (it’s better than Pravda!). It’s not been a good week for Albury burger joints…

On Friday: Burger bug: eatery closes as salmonella cases flood health service; an Albury burger bar has been linked to over 100 cases of salmonellosis, thought to have been caused by a dodgy batch of garlic aioli.

And yesterday: Albury’s Hungry Jack’s burns; the Albury outpost of Hungry Jack’s (Burger King to seppo readers) has burned to the ground (with pics!). But it could’ve been worse: “customers praised the quick actions of staff who worked to get everyone out of the restaurant and made sure no one was injured”.

In other news, the Vegetarian Threat Level has been raised from Medium-Rare (low or general risk of vegetarian attacks) to Well-Done (severe and immediate threat of tofu).