Also better than Pravda

Pages in this month’s issue of Bloomberg Markets: 170-ish

Pages torn out because they had an interesting article about Bloomberg’s local vol model: 2

Pages torn out because I was supergluing my Mac’s power plug and needed some scrap paper: 2

Pages lobbed into the trash: 166-ish

Bloomberg’s journalism is second to none, especially their investigative pieces (this article predicted the money-market fund implosion a year before it happened). But their magazine articles - “The Richest Hedge Funds”; “Goldman’s Subsidised Risks”; “Car Crazy in China” - read like a list of “Stuff That We Ran On The Newswire Two Weeks Ago”.

(And while we’re talking about Bloomberg: can someone please teach their subeditors how to write coherent headlines? Doll in Sync With Biggs Queries Roubini Exit Strategy isn’t a headline, it’s the plot of a bad movie about a ventriloquist.)