Fishy Kitty

Fishy Kitty, originally uploaded by Shiny Things.

From the Night Safari: a Fishing Cat. These little guys sit on the edge of the water, watching the fish swim past, then dive in and grab one out of the water for a snack. (Just like your pet cat around the goldfish tank.)

More pix right here.

(Incidentally, this is a really bad photo, but it gives you an idea just how dark the Night Safari is. They don’t let you use flash, so I was shooting wide open (f/2.8), ISO 1600, underexposed by one stop, and it was still giving me 0.3 second exposures - way, way too long for a photo without camera shake. Basically: if you’re coming to the Night Safari, don’t bother bringing a camera. Unless it’s this one or this one.)