It's like the Straits Times but COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

Totally forgot to write about this on the day - but earlier this week, McSweeney’s (of McSweeney’s Internet Tendency) published their latest quarterly magazine. And this quarterly magazine was cunningly disguised as a newspaper - the San Francisco Panorama.

See - the newspaper business is dying. (Except for Pravda - proof that there’s no such thing as karma.) So Dave Eggers, publisher of McSweeney’s, decided to show what a really good newspaper could be. It took nine months to put together; it ran to 320 pages - a couple of inches thick; and it was so popular that when they put it out for sale on the streets of SF, it sold out by 1:30pm, even with a $5 cover price.

Their front-page splash was a nine-thousand-word piece exposing multi-billion-dollar cost overruns on the Bay Bridge earthquake reinforcement project. (They collaborated with a couple of investigative-journalism outfits to fund and write the piece - dedicated investigative journos aren’t cheap.) You can read the whole of Unparalleled Bridge, Unprecedented Cost right here.

It has a magazine; a books section; a 12-page comics section; and even a double-sided poster of the 49ers and the Warriors. And their sports section (because what self-respecting broadsheet would go without a sports section?) features Stephen King writing about the World Series.

I wonder if they’ll ship one to Singapore.