Uranium: "Please contact us for availability and price"

Your weekend shopping list, from Element Collection. Just in case you ever wanted some hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron…

There’re a couple of elements on the list that are definitely worth owning, just for curiosity value. Gallium ($25/gram, or $45 for ten grams) is quite cool: it’s a metal that melts at 30°C, so you can hold it in your hand and watch it melt. Indium ($40 for ten grams) is so soft that you can cut it with a knife. Fluorine is a corrosive gas that will eat through its container and escape into your house and generally ruin your day, so god knows why you’d want to own any of it - but if you do, it’s $65 for 0.7ml.

They also make matched cylinders of tungsten and magnesium - exactly the same size and shape, but one weighs a kilogram and the other weighs about ninety grams.

And how cool is the Periodic Coffee Table? If your coffee’s gone cold, you could heat it up by leaving it on top of the uranium sample.