The Tippling Point

I’m really not seeing the problem here:

Australia has an accumulated surplus of 100 million cases of wine that will double in the next two years if current trends continue, according to the report. The annual surplus is huge – equal to all UK export sales and there is no clear prospect of finding additional demand, either domestic or foreign, to fill this gap.

Send some up here, we’ll make a dent in those 100 million cases.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, I understand, is now the best-selling white wine in Oz. Not the best selling import, but outselling any category of Australian white wine!

There’s a really good reason for that, and if you’ve ever tried a Cloudy Bay sav blanc you’ll know what that reason is. (Granted, Australia still wins when it comes to reds - Mount Mary Quintet; Henschke Hill of Grace; oh, and there’s that Grange thing? - but right now, if you want a really crash-hot white, you go to the “New Zealand” section of the wine list.)