Oh exploitable!

Prudential (the financial services company and peddlers of fee-machine insurance plans) have just launched a cartoon captioning contest - and they’ve called it Honestly Speaking.

Here’s how it works: they give you the first panel (usually a grinding non-sequitur - say, a father telling his son “I have other financial commitments”) , and you just have to fill in the blanks. And they’re very liberal with what they’ll let you put in the blanks.

In the spirit of Honestly Speaking, here’s a (lame and unfunny, MUST TRY HARDER) example:

Prudential: Honestly Speaking

(What on earth is the kid holding in the first panel? It says “WPG” on the pack, but the googles, they do nothing.)

So what are you waiting for, JRE readers? Get yourselves over to honestlyspeaking.sg and show the world what you can do! And make sure you post your best entries somewhere; Prudential’s mods will probably end up nuking all the really funny entries.