JRE Keeps You Entertained All Weekend: "I don't see a funny side at all"

The leaders of all the APEC nations are meeting in Singapore this week, and a “ring of steel” has been thrown up around the Suntec City convention centre. It seems to be working so far - at least, better than the “ring of steel” at the Sydney APEC meeting in 2007.

Back when Sydney hosted APEC, the guys from The Chaser’s War on Everything decided they’d have a go at sneaking through the $160-million security. They subsequently made it onto every network from Fox News to Comedy Central to BBC World (where the NSW police commissioner didn’t see a funny side at all… probably because he was worried about being fired for overseeing the embarrassingly public screwup).

But aside from the police commissioner and a few tut-tutting politicians, everyone thought they were heroes.

Side note: the Chaser have had a pop at Fox News before.