And then he took his pants off. Again.

Marc Faber spouts some absolute rubbish sometimes.

He opened his big mouth (on a loopy gold-and-guns talk radio show, which should probably give you pause) and said that the USA will juice the economy by starting a war. The guy has also predicted Zimbabwe-scale hyperinflation in America, which raises the question: is there anything he won’t say to get more media attention?

“Start a war… blah blah blah… hyperinflation blah blah Zimbabwe blah blah… blah blah fiat money blah blah Ron Paul blah… look at me I’m on CNBC and I’m going to keep spouting complete rubbish as long as they keep giving me camera time look at me look at me LOOK AT ME”.

(Previouly on JRE: Marc Faber takes his pants off.)